CryptoBridge is not a fork of BitShares/Graphene but rather has been built on top of the BitShares (BTS) blockchain, much like other BTS Exchanges do. CryptoBridge, however, has two major differences when compared to any other BitShares Exchange.

CryptoBridge plans to provide more decentralization in regard to the gateways. Normally, a BTS gateway is a central point of failure because it is just operated by the company owning the exchange. The user is dependent upon the gateway to deposit/withdraw his funds. In the future CryptoBridge will employ a federated distributed network of gateways (operating world-wide) to eliminate any single point of failure. In fact, this network will continue to operate if CryptoBridge (the development company) goes out of business.

The second advantage has been the introduction of the BridgeCoin staking asset which shares 50% of the DEX revenue with holders. By buying and staking your BCO coin on the DEX, you will receive payouts collected by the trading activity on the DEX.