To get started:

Fill out our coin request form and our team will follow up about your project regarding listing on the CryptoBridge Decentralised Exchange.

General info:

There are both standard and fast-track listing fee options. 

  • Fast-track We aim to get you live within 24 hrs from confirmed payment, we will contact you within 12 hrs of request.
  • Standard Generally 7-12 days from request to listing, but can vary depending on demand at the time. We will aim to contact you within 7 days of request being lodged.

Please be sure to give at least 1 WEEK notice of any fork or fundamental change to the coin's chain.Please make your ticker is NOT already listed at CMC

If your daemon source code produces any kind of financial damage to CryptoBridge by malfunctioning or containing serious bugs, you agree to fully compensate for all damage. We compile from the LATEST OFFICIAL RELEASE of your github.

NOTE: We do not currently support NEO (or tokens). New protocols are always in development and will be announced when available.

NOTE: Due to recent security concerns we will ONLY issue you a payment address via discord.


Please join our discord server and be sure you are talking to someone from the team:

  • sherlock-holmes#7421 ID: 402476479767773185
  • crypto#5644       ID 398376742135529472
  • bridge#1330       ID 182490821998804993
  • CoinMan#6504     ID 399893443704258582
  • inoue#0202       ID 329792074490839040 
  • stepollo#0001 ID: 380175797891235841

Also ensure that the user has BridgeKeeper role assigned on the right hand side of our Discord server:

We are not responsible if funds are transferred to imposters claiming to be from CryptoBridge. Only the above parties are to be trusted. 

Do NOT send funds to ANY address that is not provided by one of the above.