For a step-by-step guide go here.

To stake your BCO, log into your wallet/account and visit the staking tab in your account settings (on the left hand side on the application).

Select the amount of BCO you wish to stake and for how long. The longer of a period you choose to stake your coins, the larger a bonus you will receive, meaning, should you stake 100 coins for one year, you will receive a 100% bonus and be paid out as though you staked 200 coins. Once you stake your BridgeCoin (BCO) you will not be able to withdraw or trade them since they are now locked until the end of the staking duration. 

There is a fee to start a staking period which is charged in BCO. After the staking period you will be able to claim your BCO tokens which moves them to the wallet on the exchange.

During the staking period you will automatically receive twice monthly payouts to your account on CryptoBridge.